Velinheli is James Evans immaculate a 0-4-0ST Alice Class Quarry Hunslet built for the Dinorwic Slate Quarry in 1886. Very similar in size to Dorothea althought without a cab, the other maked differece is that Velinheli has a dome. During my visits to The LSR Velinheli has been out of commision awaiting new boiler tubes. James very kindly showed me arround the workshops so i was able to see a rare view of a Quarry Hunslet chassis without it's boiler.

On my last visit (16 September 2012) i managed to get a picture of Velinheli in her current state, see below. Still a lot to do but the boiler, firebox and smokebox are now back in place.

May 26 2013 and Velinheli is back together and out in public for the first time. She didn't run on the line but did trundle around the yard. Pictures 2 through to 5 were taken then.

August 1 2013, Velinheli is now back in service and today took the 15:00 & 16:00 trains to Newmills.