About me..

Even if you have just seen the first page of this website you will know that i am an ardent fan and fervent supporter of The Launceston Steam Railway and the work that Nigel & Kay Bowman do there. My name is Alan Palmer and i have a keen interest in steam engines, particularly narrow gauge steam locomotives. I visit the LSR as often as i can which translates into once evey four or five weeks during their season. Kay allowed me to fulfil a dream, which was to ride on the footplate of a Quarry Hunslet locomotive and every time i visit i see Kay & Nigel give other people the chance to do the same. It's very rare to find a place that allows people to fulfil their dreams! Every visit is different, there is always something going on and they have new stories to tell. Kay & Nigel will always make time to talk to the visitors, even though they have a railway to run and a timetable to keep to! I would urge everyone and anyone to give the railway a visit, it truely is a magical place.


I would just like to say that i have no connection to The Launceston Steam Railway or the Bowmans other than being a very satisfied and happy customer. Also, as i live approximately 140 miles from Launceston i'm not exactly next door.


I too have a railway, The Milford Hill Light Railway. Not quite on the same scale as Nigel & Kay's but it's mine and it runs steam locomotives :-)