Steam Related Links

Toy Steam Engines From Around The World

Mike Stacey's truely wonderful website, almost everything you need to know about Mamod engines
plus a whole host of other model steam engine information.

John's Model Steam Engine Museum

John O'Rear's excellent website, John's passion is Nuremberg steam engines, this is the place to find
all the information you need on the early German engines like Doll, Carette, Bing and Plank etc.

Weeden Steam

A massive amount of information on American Weeden engines here including a facsinating history of the company.


Odilon Marcenaro has a very diverse and interesting collection, a great site.

Steam Toys

John Chapman's great website, be sure to check out his websites on Electromagnetic Engines & Vintage Gramaphones

Model Enthusiasts

I don't often recommend stores but the service you get from these guys is second to none I even bought
my MSS Loco from them.

Steam Fittings

I get all my unions, pipes and globe valves from these guys.

Manor Models

Another great source of Mamod parts, these guys can also supply SEL & Bowman spares.

Wiremill Design

If anyone was wondering where the rather nice dark wood bases come from then check out Derek Maw at Wiremill designs.
He will custom make the bases to your required dimensions, they are of excellent quality and very reasonably priced.

UK Steam Info

If you want to know if a steam loco is coming to your local station then this is the site.

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