Workshop Related Links

  • arceurotrade
    Another online tools and machinery supplier.
  • Banggood
    Chinese online webstore, great source of cheap tooling.
  • Bullfinch
    UK supplier of some of the best gas torches on the market.
  • Cox The Saddler
    UK online leather goods store, great for tool box handles.
  • EKP Supplies
    UK online fastners and tooling supplier.
  • Millhill Supplies
    UK supplier of Sherline lathes and mills.
  • Model Fixings
    Huge supllier of various nuts, bolts & screws.
  • RDG Tools
    UK online tools supplier website.
  • Steam Fittings
    Model steam engine fittings supplier.
  • Warco
    Warco or Warren Machine Tools. Supplier of lathes, mills and all sorts of Chinese made machine tooling.
  • Zoro
    UK online tools supplier website.

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