Retro Computer Links

  • Commodore 64
  • 64Copy Central
    Commodore 64 ROM images can be found here.
  • 64HDD
    Commodore 64 hardware projects.
  • biosrhythm
    Nice little RS232 cable for the Commodore 64's userport.
  • CBM FileBrowser
    A great file browser for various Commodore computers.
    Loading games on the Commodore 64.
  • The Future Was 8Bit
    Lots of useful stuff here too, by the makers of SD2IEC, an SD Card Board for the Commodore 64.
    Jammarcade's repair logs, lots of useful info on repairing 8-bit computers.
  • Novaterm
    Great terminal program for the Commodore 64.
  • Retro64 blog
    Good blog about Commodore 64 repairs.
  • Retro Spares Shop
    Excellent source of spare parts for all your old 8-bit computers.
  • Commodore PET
  • cbmroms
    Comprehensive list of Commodore PET ROMs.
    Dave Stevenson's website. Lots of useful info on a variety of 8-bit micros and also the home of the petSD+ an SD drive for the PET.
  • Terry Stewarts's Webzone
    Tezza's blog, a whole load of stuff on early 8-bit computers including the PET and C64.
  • tynemouth software
    Probably the best site on the net for info on repairing the Commodore PET. They also sell some great PET add-ons & diagonstic boards.
    An interesting blog on repairing a 3032 PET.
    Another great site on repairing a 3032 PET.
    Fantastic collection of schematics, ROM images & other stuff for the PET.

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