Miscellaneous Links

  • adafruit
    Lots of fun electronics project kits.
  • AVR Scope Clock
    Jan de Rie's excellent scope clock.
  • Currency Convertor
    What it says on the tin!
  • Hawk Conservancy
    The Hawk Conservancy Trust is a UK registered charity whose mission is the conservation of Birds of Prey.
  • Keepvid
    Want to keep thst favourite Youtube video? This site will convert it to an MP4 file for download.
  • Met Office
    This is part of the UK Met Office site and shows some excellent satellite weather images.
  • Nixie Clocks
    A gallery of some amazing Nixie Clocks.
  • World Population
    Interested in population growth? Then scare yourself with a visit here.
  • Tim Hunkin
    Tim Hunkin the man who bought us 'The Secret Life of Machines'.
  • UFO Files
    The X-Files? Well not quite but recently released UFO documents from the National Archives.
    The UK Wolf Conservation Trust, working to keep wolves in the wild.
  • Virgin Media
    Virgin Media's service status page.

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