Cyldon 13/1

My first Cyldon, this is a Cyldon 13/1. Cyldon was the brand name for a range of 5 stationary engines made
by Sydney S Bird & Sons of Enfield Middlesex between 1947 and 1951. This one is in very good condition, the
only things missing are the chimney and the burner filler plug. Although at some point in it's life the original
wooden base has been replaced along with the original safety valve. The safety is, i believe one of MF Steam's
excellent copies. All this really needs is a good clean and the missing parts replaced. Video here.

Ok, here she is sporting a nice new burner filler plug courtsey of MF Steam and a chimney! Many thanks to
John Chapman who very kindly supplied me with the measurements taken from the chimney on his own 13/1.
With out those it would have been guess work! The last picture shows what the chimney was actually made from.

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