Careast Overtype

This was a recent ebay purchase and i was really pleased to get it as i don't have any engines by this manufacturer.
Made in the UK in the mid 1940s by Careast and that's about all i know. This one is in need of a lot of work.
The piston needs to be reattached to it's mounting, the crank is seized and there are holes in the boiler, it also
needs a safety valve, burner, flywheels & a chimney.

It is now ready for a steam test, so, does it run? Well yes it does, video here. However there is only enough
oxygen getting into the firebox to allow 2 of the 3 wicks on the burner to light. The engine will just about run
with 2 wicks but really needs 3.

A video here of the finished engine with a modification to the firebox to allow the burner to function correctly.

The engine has now been stripped down and the seized crankshaft freed. Lots of elbow grease later and the boiler is properly revealed.

Unfortunately 4 of those holes in the boiler shouldn't be there.

The hole in the end of the boiler and the 2 small ones just down from the top are fairly easy to fix.
An hour or so work with the lathe and some plugs are manufactured.

This one is a little bit more of a problem as it is directly under the crank shaft mount.

Here is my rather inelegant patch, hopefully it will do the job.

The piston has now been reattached to it's mounting block so here are a few shots of the engine reassembled.

A little bit more progress. It now has a safety valve, chimney and burner. Also the flywheels are coming along.

The flywheels are more or less finished now, the centres need to be painted red & the burner needs a coat of black.

The finished engine.

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