Lionel Trains Rail Zeppelin

A classic find on ebay in America, this is a clockwork tin plate model of the famous Rail Zeppelin. Made by Schylling under licence from Lionel Trains.
I've been after one of these ever since i first discovered the Rail Zeppelin and the Schylling model. I was so lucky with this one, it's in mint condition
and includes the Certificate of Authenticity which states this model is serial number 0304. Like so many clockwork 0 gauge locos this won't run on my
Peco track as the wheel profile is wrong, however it will run on my Hornby track so there will be a video to follow. A little information on the original
locomotive. Designed by Franz Kruckenberg and built in 1929, the Schienenzeppelin as it was called was 85 feet long, weighed 18.6 tons and was
powered by a 600HP BMW aircraft engine. In 1942 it set a new railway speed record by achieving 142.9 mph for 20 km between Hamburg and Berlin.
The two last images are of the actual vehicle. Video here

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