Weeden 14

This is a rather nice example of a Weeden 14. Difficult to date this as these were made from the 1800s to 1940.
It's probably from the 1930s as the sight glass fittings are brass and it has a decal on one end of the boiler. Sadly
one of the base legs is broken, not uncommon with these. When it arrived the piston and piston valve were both
seized. Soaking with WD40 and a few gentle taps with a pin punch managed to free them up. Also even though the
engine was very well packed there was some damage done in transit. The top of the boiler has been pushed in
slightly and the dummy flyball governor shaft was bent. Not really much i can do about the boiler but the governor
shaft was fairly easy to straighten.

Video here.

So here it is after some work. My attempt to repair the missing leg isn't that great but it is better than it was.
I have a replacement transfer on it's way from Frank Campbell's execllent website Weeden Steam. It still needs
a burner which i am going to attempt to manufacture.

I finally managed to find some time to make a burner for it.

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