This is the proposed site of The Milford Hill Light Railway (Second Version) as it is today, 14 May 2012.
The part to be demolished has a slightly sloped roof coverd with roofing felt and light grey almost white
guttering. It's the bit in the images that has the plastic storage boxes by it's wall. Ran the first steam
locomotive on the temporary track today, video here. The first official video of the new Milford Hill Light
Railway is now up here. Latest clips here, here and here. A trip round the line, on-board with Councillor here.

Another days hard graft, the roof is gone and all the internal woodwork, just the 2 walls and the chipboard floor remain.

One wall down, one to go......................

And there it was, gone! Now the hard part, clearing away the rubble.

I really thought i'd never see it like this! Next is to tackle the floor but i'm saving that for another day!

Well underneath the chipboard was enough bricks to build that small wall you can see, enough sand for a
fair sized sandpit plus various whole & broken paving slabs. however once that was removed the original
paving stones reappeared. Just that last line of bricks to remove.

The bricks have gone, finally! Also various broken paving slabs have been replaced. Just have to disappear everything
against the back wall and the yard will be ready for stage 2.

It's done (23 May 2012), all that 's left before i can start building the railway is to tidy up the walls.

Finally, i have a railway in my backyard!! The brick corner supports are only temporary and nothing is screwed or
bolted down yet as the walls still have to be painted. Also there is still some more timber to put into place and
some additional track but basically it's there.

Ok, just a few pics now that the walls have been painted (26 June 2012). I can now actually start building the railway!

Here the track bed is now fixed in place and has grown some what wider. Just awaiting a coating of Decking Protector
before we can start laying track!

Finally a day without rain! The track is down! In the background you can see my loading gauge tester. Date 30 June 2012.

A shot of Purdy on the bridge.

Purdy & The Vincent and a rare break in the weather!.

There's been a few more mods to the track bed and track route recently.
The pictures below show how it is now and hopefully will stay for the immediate future.

As summer finally seems to have arrived i was able to actually run some trains!. Date, 22 July 2012.

The station now has some trees! Also a new water tower.

Steam on the line!

All 3 main steam locos plus drivers & the diesel hiding in the siding. Date 15 September 2012.

The new long siding extension to the passing loop.

Went outside to check the track and these two rather dodgy individuals have appeared on the station!

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