Tubalcain Scratch Built Steam Engine

One of my favourite YouTube Channels is 'mrpete222' aka Tubalcain. If you are interested in anything to do with
metalwork or machine shops give his channel a go, link below. He did a series of 3 videos showing how to make
a small oscillating steam engine with just hand tools and a drill press. So i decided to have a go. These are the
basic materials.

mrpete222 (Tubalcain) can be found here.

There is a video covering the build and showing the engine running on steam here.

First i cut the base to size and made the slot to take the flat aluminium strip which is the engine mount.

Next, drill the hole to take the screw which will be used as the crankshaft. I was going to use the
small brass flywheel that i had made but it wasn't really large enough so i ended up with an old
Mamod flywheel. The crank is a penny washer and the crank pin a 6BA screw. Spot the deliberate
mistake! I've actually got it assembled backwards, the flywheel should be on the side of the base with
the slot.

The cylinder is made from 3/4" square brass stock, the pivot is a 6BA screw. The piston is 3/8" brass bar,
the connecting rod 3mm brass rod and the end piece 1/4" square brass stock. The piston conrod assembly
was put together using Loctite 638.

Here is the finished engine. The base has been varnished and the metal parts have been given a little polish.

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