Scratch Built Steam Tram Owain

June 2013, the latest project, a Steam Tram. This is a collaboration between Mamod, Bowman and myself!
The gear driven wheels & piston assembly came up on ebay and i think they are from a Bowman 410 Locomotive.
The chassis plate is some old brass from the scrap bin as are the front wheel axle boxes. Test run video here.
First outting with the roof in place, video here.

Boiler and firebox in place, courtesy of Mamod. Pipework mostly there and time for the first steam up.
Initially successful but after a couple of circuits the crank pin detached itself. This has now been
replaced with a 6BA screw, which seems to be doing the job ok. Next job, the bodywork.

Finally we have some bodywork in place. Next stage is the roof.

Still waiting for the roof support material to arrive so i knocked up a couple of dummy headlights.

The roof supports and roof are now in place.

A few pictures of the Tram out on the line just after it's first run with the roof fitted.

A few trim details have been added, coupling blocks and handrails.

The Steam Tram now has a name. It also has a Roundhouse regulator and hex head screws.

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