Scratch Built Boiler Plant/Engine

The recent steam engines that i have built have so far been run on steam by lashing them up to a couple of boilers
from other model steam engines. So i decided that a small steam plant was in order to run these engines and any
others that i might make. At some point in the future i do intend to atempt making a boiler but for now i found this old
Luton Bowman PW201 boiler on ebay which will do fine. Apart from the boiler and the globe valve everything else
is scratch built.

Here it is together loosely assembled. The pipework, steam union and burner have still to be made.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

More or less finished, still have to make the burner.

After a few trials with the two steam engines this was built for it was fairly obvious that this little boiler only just about
provided enough steam pressure. So another boiler was found for those engines which left me with what to do with this one.
The original Luton Bowman PW201 which used this boiler was a very small Mamod size engine. So i made a small Mamod type
engine plate, piston, conrod and crank and used an old Mamod cylinder i had in my spares box. A small flywheel was needed
and this one, originally from a Regner Vincent locomotive, suited just fine. Put it all together and this is the result. At the
moment the chimney is just decorative and the it still needs it's own burner.

Here is a picture of it in steam.

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