Mamod SE3

Although i have quite a few Mamod engines in my collection until recently i never managed to get hold of an SE3.
They come up on ebay fairly regularly but generally go for a lot of money. This one however was a bargain. Not
surprisingly considering the state of it! It's missing one piston, one boiler strap, whistle, whistle boiler insert,
level plug, level plug boiler insert, the burner and a chimney! The burner & chimney i will make, i think i have a
spare Mamod whistle and piston somewhere. I could also make the boiler inserts but they are so cheap i usually
buy them. Other than that it's going to need a lot of cleaning and paint stripping!

First look video here.

Part 1 of the Restoration Video Series here.

Ok, i pretty much have all the parts now. Boiler inserts and level plug supplied by Manor Models. I had a piston
of the correct length and a whistle in my spares box. Plus some square and round section brass tube from ebay
to manufacture the burner and chimney respectively.

The boiler has been cleaned and the new thread inserts fitted. I will be covering the retsore of this Mamod in a series
of videos on my YouTube Channel.

Firebox, baseplate and engine frames have been in the grit balster and are now ready for paint.

Here is the baseplate, flywheel and engine frames after being etch primed.

This is my attempt at making an SE3 burner.

The pipework and other small metal parts have been cleaned ready for reassembly.

So here is the finished engine, it didn't turn out too bad.

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