Mamod SE2 - Circa 1946

This is a Mamod SE1 from about 1946. Actually thanks to Mike Stacey i now know that it isn't! This is a very rare SE2,
apparently these with the base mounted chimney and counter shaft were produced for less than a year. This was
mine when i was a kid and was recently rediscovered lurking in my parents loft. As you can see it was in quite a
poor state although still working. By the way, for all things Mamod Mike's website is 'THE' place to go, see the link
on my links page.

Here it is after a bit of restoration. Since this image was taken it has also received a much needed new safety
valve and a repainted firebox. There is now a video of it steaming here.

Thanks to the wonderful resource that is ebay i have been able to replace the reduction gear.
Hopefully this is now pretty close to what it was like originally. Short video of it steaming with
the reduction gear here.

I have been meaning to scan this and post it up for some time. The original instruction sheet.

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