Mamod SE1 - Circa 1946

A recent addition to the collection from ebay, a Mamod SE1 Circa 1946. This type of SE1
should have a red painted disk crank flywheel, which as you can see is missing along with the
piston, cylinder, exhaust pipe and burner. Video of the first steaming here.
Her she is with her sister my 1946 SE2.

Here it is after a bit of restoration and with a burner borrowed from my 1946 SE2.
I'm sure some will have spotted that it has the wrong cylinder. As Mamod cylinders
from 1946 are a little hard to come by i've modified a more modern cylinder. It still
needs a little tweaking as the stroke is too long, by the time i've done that it's own
burner should have arrived from Ian at MF Steam.

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