Roundhouse Russell

The Milford Hill Light Railway welcomes it's first Roundhouse Locomotive, Russell. Unlike the other MHLR locos Russell
is a model of a real engine. Built by the Hunslet Locomotive Company of Leeds in 1906 and carrying the works number
of 901, Russell is a 2-6-2 tank engine and is currently based at the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway. Thanks to the
people at Roundhouse i now know that Russell was built in June 2001. The first videos are here and here. The latest
video of Russell in action here.

Basking in the sunshine.

Not much sunshine on this cold day at the end of March 2013.

A good comparison shot for the real Russell below.

This last image is of the real Russell, her original riveted tanks have been replaced
with new welded ones but i think the Roundhouse version is pretty close.

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