Mamod Minor 2

This lovely little engine was recently donated to my collection by my friend & collegue Robbie.
It is a Mamod Minor 2 which according to the date on the price list is from 1961. Cost in the day, £1-19s-11d.
Interesting story behind the firebox. My friend was unhappy with the state of the firebox so as an exercise one of
the apprentices where we work was given the task of making a new one. Which is you can see is a rather fine
piece, the sides are milled from aluminium and the end plates cut from sheet all anodised black.
Fortunately he kept the original which i will refit and use the machined one on another project.
These pictures are of it exactly as i received it, straight out of the box. Here is a video of it's first steaming.

Ok, here it is with it's original firebox and after a bit of a polish. Video to follow soon.

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