Bowman M135

This is a Bowman M135 made between 1926 and 1935. This one has had several modifications the most noticeable
is the electric heater element. The oiler cap has been replaced and the pressure release valve is missing, in it's place
is what appears to be the bottom part of a whistle! Also a valve has been added to the steam exhaust pipe. I've
checked the element and it appears ok, once i've checked the cylinder & piston hopefully it will be up and running,
video to follow.

The electric heater didn't produce enough heat to run the Bowman properly so i decided
to try and return the engine to it's original form. Using images of original M135s from the
internet i was able to fabricate a replacement firebox from aluminium sheet. I removed the
valve in the steam exhaust now all that is missing is the original oiler cap and a burner.
Forest Classics should be able to supply a burner, not sure where to obtain an oiler cap
though. Video here.

I finally managed to obtain the correct drip feed oiler cap from the very nice people at MF Steam, many thanks Ian.

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