Linemar Model J-2734

My first Linemar Model Steam Engine. Very difficult to find out anything about these engines. I believe
they date from the 1950s and were made in Japan by the Linemar Company. They made several different
models including a vertical boiler and the very unsual 'Atomic Reactor Model'. This one needs a good clean,
the chimney reattaching and the dummy whistle soldered back into the boiler.

Video here.

I'm not usually one for going on about boxes but i really like the box art on this one.

Once i started cleaning i discovered a slight problem with the little boiler.

Ok, the boiler has been patched and the dummy whistle solder back in place.

Turns out that there were a number of other small holes in the underside of the boiler. Anyway here it is hopefully water tight!
Unfortunately a close inspection of the boiler revealed that it it has loads of tiny pin prick holes all over it. So i will have to make
a new boiler. Before i can run it.

Well here it is with it's new boiler, which i think turned out ok.

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