Accucraft 7/8th Scale Quarry Hunslet - Lilian

The Milford Hill Light Railway welcomes it's first Penryhn Quarry Hunslet Locomotive, Lilian.
OK, well she's not quite Lilian yet. This is Accucraft's new 7/8th Scale Quarry Hunslet Locomotive.
The slightly larger 7/8th scale offers an excellent level of detail, as you can see from the pictures.
This model is based on the 'Large Quarry' Class engines such as Hugh Napier and Edward Sholto but
most importantly to me, it also closely resembles the 'Port' Class Quarry Hunslets. If you are a regular
visitor to my websites you will know that i am a huge fan of The Launceston Steam Railway and of course
Nigel Bowman's 'Port' Class Hunslet Lilian. Kay Bowman gave me my very first Quarry Hunslet footplate ride
on Lilian and since then i have been lucky enough to ride on Lilian's footplate on many occasions. So it will
be no surprise that this particular Accucraft Hunslet will hopefully become a faithful replica of the real thing,
all be it somewhat smaller :-) First run on blocks, video here First time out on the line, video here.

Note: The main difference between the two classes of locomotive is that the 'Port' Class had a dropped footplate, see the pictures below.

Update: Unfortunately Lilian will be returning to Accucraft to have a small problem with her cylinders sorted out. On some of
the first batch of these locos the pistons have not been centred accurately in the bores allowing the piston o-ring to overlap
the drain cock hole. This causes steam blow by.

First video of Lilian after her repair by Accucraft here. A new clip showing her running with the latest changes here.
A much more sedate run with her new coaches here. First run with her new tender here.

Accucraft pack them well, June 2013.

These pictures where taken straight out of the box.

A few shots out on the line, again these were taken just after unpacking.

We have to have a shot by Launceston Bank. Then below is the real Lilian.

Here she is after the first few mods. The oilers, the part of the handrail that runs around the chimney and
various brackets have been removed. The remaining handrails have been painted red and a dummy mechanical
oiler has been added.

The latest mods, now sporting a vacuum pump next to the smokebox and re-positioning of the pipe that goes to the smokebox.
Thanks to Charlie from The Launceston Steam Railway i now have some more information about the actual pump fitted to the real
Lilian. It is in fact a Bowman! Apparently designed and built by Nigel Bowman about 30 years ago. It is, however fairly similar to
the Westinghouse pump which i have fitted so hopefully not too many people will spot the difference :-)

As Kay Bowman brings Lilian around the loop at Newmills you can see the 'Bowman' pump quite clearly.

A little bit further on. Now with the correct matt black smokebox and chimney. Name and works plates courtesy of
Narrow Planet and what i hope is a fairly accurate version of Lilian's front buffer beam.

A couple of shots of Lilian with my recently completed 7/8ths scale Open Coaches. Her rear buffer beam has
been reprofiled to match the front. She also has a Talisman safety valve cover, still not really sure about that yet.

My first attempt at Lilian's second pressure gauge, this one is a dummy. The original gauge needs to be moved
back to the end of the tank.

Both gauges are now in the correct position.

Lilian recently went on a road trip to The Launceston Steam Railway. While there, Kay & Nigel Bowman kindly
allowed me to take some photos of the two Lilians together.

The back sheet, side sheets and tank had to be removed to have the lining applied so i've taken a few pictures of the loco without the bodywork.

Now fully lined and looking much more like the real thing :-)

End of September 2013, Lilian out with her coaches.

First few shots of Lilian's Tender, still a lot to do but the basics are there.

Bodywork of the tender is now finished and these were shots taken prior to painting. The wheel guard and couplings
have been removed to make it easier to mask off the bottom. The seperate piece is the fall plate that sits between
the tender and the footplate.

Apart from the final coat of varnish after the lining has been applied painting is now complete. There is
still some detailling to do, a coal load, safety chains and a shovel etc.

The tender is finished apart from lining and Lilian now has a new chimney cap.

The passengers have finally arrived.

Lilian has finally gained her whistle. An excellent Talisman brass casting from Si Harris at Model Earth.
Originally designed to be cab mounted i've modified the fitting and changed the round valve for a
t-bar as on the real Lilian.

A little more detailing over Christmas. The cranks and the spring supports have been painted red and
more to scale safety chains have been added to both Lilian & the tender.

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