Latimer Plane L5

Latimer Productions other engine the Plane L5 made some time between 1946 and 1950. A recent ebay find,
the L5 is much rarer than it's little brother so i was quite lucky with this one to get it for a bargain price.
It's in very good condition although missing some obvious parts, there is no burner or whistle and it should have
an oiler cup screwed into the cylinder mounting plate. Also the safety valve & level plug are not originals.
More pictures to follow after suitable replacement parts are acquired and it's had a bit of a clean.
Once cleaned it just had to be run! Video here. Second Video here.

Here it is after some wire wool, metal polish and elbow grease have been applied.

As it is almost impossible to find genuine Latimer parts i decided to try and make the whistle. So what we
have is an old Mamod whistle soldered to an 0BA screw that has had a hole drilled through the middle
of it. It works quite well!

This is my attempt at the oiler. It's actually a modified dog ID tag! The last image is of the genuine article.

Had a bit of luck on ebay and found this burner, it's not identical to the L5's actual one but it's close.

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