K.J. Miller Junior Engineer Model SE-100

A very unusal model steam engine with some interesting features. This is a Junior Engineer Model SE-100
made by the K.J.Miller Corporation in the USA around late 1940s to early 1950s. This engine could be configured
as either the beam engine seen here or a vertical engine or even a horizontal engine. It also has a very unusual
heater and boiler. The heater is simply 2 carbon blocks connected directly to the mains supply seperated by a
small gap, water makes the circuit. Obviouslly the boiler must be made of a non-conducting material and it
seems like thick fibreglass. There are a couple of issues with this engine, there is a small crack in one of the
carbon blocks. The top and bottom of the boiler needs a gasket and it doesn't have a safety valve.

After various attempts to get the boiler working here it is actually running on steam!

Here you can see the 2 carbon blocks mounted on the base of the boiler which comprise the heater.

Had it apart and given it a bit of a clean, the flywheel came up really nicely. I've ordered some thick rubber
to make a gasket from and also a 3/8" UNC die so i can make a proper plug for the top of the boiler. I have
also run it on compressed air and it runs fine.

A little time spent on the lathe and here's my take on the boiler plug. This must have had a safety
valve built into the original. Mine currently doesn't. Also i think the original was steel or aluminium
but brass will do just as well.

The rubber finally arrived and i have made a successful gasket, i.e. it doesn't leak!. I have also connected power
and the water gets hot but not really hot enough to create any pressure. I suspect the repaired carbon block is
not conducting well enough.

Here you can see the cracked carbon block and my attempt at a repair. I'm going to replace both blocks with
some motor brushes that i sourced from ebay.

The electric motor brushes turned up today and here they are in place.

Well the carbon motor brushes replacement was a complete failure! So it's back to the drawing board and i've
decided to try a rod type heater element. There will be a brass flue tube rising up from the base and the element
will slot into that.

here you can see the brass flue tube in place and just behind it the rod heater element which will slide inside.

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