Vacuum Rotor Engine

This is a very rare and early American made Flame Licker Engine. Produced by the Rotor Corporation of Dayton, Ohio
sometime between the 1920s and 1930s. It is complete apart from the burner which screws into the large threaded
hole in the base. It is unique being the only Flame Licker engine I've seen with a whistle!

Need to say a big thank you to my friend and fellow collector Stewart Owens for acquiring this for me.

After two days soaking in a vinegar bath these parts are looking a lot better.

Very nearly ready for reassembly.

The finished engine. I ended up making a new pulley for it as the original was not really salvagable.

It wasn't until I looked at the photos I had taken that I realised it was still missing an important part. The valve
plate that covers the flame inlet port.

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