Empire Model Number B-35

This is for me one of the Holy Grails of the model steam engine world, an Empire Model No. B-35 Steam Turbine.
. These are extremely rare and especially in this good a condition, the only thing missing is the whistle top. It needs
a good clean and the base needs a repaint but that's about it. These pictures where taken straight out of the box
after it's long journey from Canada. This amazing engine would have been made somewhere between 1925 and 1940.

A quick check with the multimeter and the heater element is giving the right reading so hopefully it's functional.
The turbine protection mesh had been pushed in but that was easily sorted. The main shaft was seized,
however a little WD40 fixed that.

First video here.    Part two here.

Here it is after a little bit of a clean.

A long overdue repaint! Here is the base and main casting after the paint stripper and wire brush.

Painting all done and also now complete with whistle top!
A very big thank you and shout out to Charlie Miller who sent me this whistle top all the way from Texas.

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