Empire Model Steam Engines

This page is here becuase i have a particular fascination for Empire Engines. Thanks to ebay i now have the following Empires in my collection, Nos 32, 46, 90 & B30. Finally i now have a B-35!!!

Not sure what this is although it appears to be identical to a B-30 apart from the solid flywheel. No idea of year of manufacture.

Empire Number Model No. B-30
Manufactured between 1921 and 1941. A fairly common Empire model.

This advert taken from October 1926 issue of Boy's Life magazine

Empire Number Model No. B-31
Manufactured between 1921 and 1931. Also a fairly common Empire model.

Empire Number Model No. 32
No idea of an manufacturing date on this one. The brass engine mount was originally painted red. The 32 has a pressed plate base rather thatn the more usual cast iron.

Empire Number Model No. B32
Another immmitation steam engine, this is obviously electrically powered but i'm not quite sure how his one operates.


Empire Number Model No. B-33
Made between 1930 and 1933. This isn't actually a steam engine at all but appears to be a solenoid and breaker type electro-mechanial engine. Similar to the Torch Engine in my collection. Apparently these were used in shops as demonstration models.


Empire Number Model No. B-35
Manufactured between 1925 and 1940. The steam turbine! Not the most elegent of engines but rare and sort after. The advert is taken from the October 1927 issue of Boy's Life magazine. There is a very cool video of one in action here.


Empire Number Model No. B-38
Made between 1930 and 1933. The B-38 is an electrically heated Hot Air Engine, very rare. Even the pictures were hard to find! I now have two more much better pictures of the B-38 thanks to Doug Williams who very kindly sent me these taken of the one in his collection.

This advert was taken from the Paramount Salesman Mechandise Wholesale Cataloge Winter 1930-1931.

Empire Number Model No. B39
Made between 1930 and 1933. A rare engine indeed! Untill recently i didn't have any idea that this existed. Thanks again to Doug Williams who sent me these pictures. The B39 appears to be very similar to the B-33, that is a solenoid and breaker electro-mechanical engine. However it has the addition of a gear reduction drive.

Empire Number Model No. B-42
Manufactured between 1926 and 1930. The magnificent twin! Only an American twin steam engine would have two of everything. How i would love to have one of these!

Empire Number Model No. 43
Manufactured in the 1950s. Quite different from the B43, see below.

Empire Number Model No. B-43
Manufactured in the 1950s. A lovely engine and this is a superb example. Again on this one, the pressed plate base as opposed to the more common cast iron. Also this has an oscillating cylinder as opposed to the more common slide valve.

Empire Number Model No. 46
No date on this one. Appears fairly small compared to the other horizontals and with a pressed plate base again.

Empire Number Model No. 62
Again, no date. Not sure if it's supposed to have a copper boiler or if all the nickel plate has been polished off.

Empire Number Model No. 90
No date on this one either. Very similar in size to the No.46 but with an oscillating cylinder.

Empire Number Model No. 92
Again no date on this one. This small vertical engine has a copper boiler, pressed plate base and oscillating cylinder.

Empire Variable Speed Unit
Never seen this before but it came up on ebay recently.

Empire Water Pump
This was described on ebay as an 'Empire B30 Water Pump'. Again another Empire accessory that i have never seen before.

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