Large Doll Overtype

Here we have yet another Doll Overtype and again it is not known what the model number is. This one is in pretty
poor shape. It's missing the burner, safety valve, sight glass, whistle, chimney and almost all of one of the flywheels.
Quite a lot of work involved in getting this one back in running condition.

Still missing a whistle, burner and smokestack but it is as complete as it is going to be for a while.
The whistle and smokestack i have borrowed from one of my other Doll engines. The safety valve
was very kindly donated to my YouTube channel by Mike Stacey. It is in fact a Bing valve but has
the same thread as the Doll valve. The flywheels are Weeden but i think they look pretty good and
are a close match to the surviving Doll flywheel. The sight glass is in fact a Mamod one, which
surprisingly has exactly the same hole spacing and works well.

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