De Palmer
(A Scratch Built Vertical Boilered Loco)

The very start of my next project, a vertical boilered locomotive in the style of a De Winton.
Just have this rather fine old copper boiler at the moment. First test run under steam here.

Turns out the old copper boiler is in fact brass.

This weekends efforts are the motor & gearbox assembly. I have had a successful test run on air, so the
next job is to build a chassis for it & the boiler to sit on! The Mamod flywheel is a bit on the large size
so i think i will turn up a smaller solid brass one.

The basic chassis is now complete, the gearbox and drive axle have had Delrin sprockets attached.
Boiler, motor & gearbox assembly have just been placed in approximate positions for now.

Boiler mounted.

The motor & gearbox have now been mounted on the chassis and the Delrin drive chain has been coupled up.
Successful test runs on air have been made both on blocks and on the track.

The burner and meths tank now complete.

Lots of temporary fittings here, tie-wraps to hold the boiler cladding in place while the boiler bands are made.
The steam pipe and chimney are for testing purposes.

Nice copper boiler bands holding the very expensive (lolly sticks) wooden cladding in place!

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