Roundhouse Charles

Ok, this one was definitely on my wish list, well it is a Quarry Hunslet and from the same quarry as Lilian.
Purchased from Simon Whenmouth of Anything Narrow Gauge, Simon's service is excellent. This is yet another
loco that he delivered personally, many thanks Simon. Although the loco looks brand new, and i can find no evidence
that it has done any running on rails, it must be at least 7 years old. This is the 2006 version of Charles which
Roundhouse discontinued in 2009. So i think is safe to assume this was a display model. Thanks to Simon Whenmouth,
once again, who kindly sent me the original instructions for Charles which included a signed & dated certificate.
Indicating that the loco was in fact made in 2006.

First run video here.    Charles with Locomotion Coaches and Chuffer Pipe here.

Charles with all my Phil Sharples Wagons here.

Charles waiting impatiently to be off!

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