Bowman M140

My first Bowman Twin! This is the smaller and less common of the two Bowman twins. The M140 was made
between the 1920s and 1930s. This example is in extremely good condition and is only missing the chimney,
the centre of the safety valve and correct burner filler plug.

Ok, here she is after restoration. I'm fairly sure the decal is original so i
made the decision not to restore the baseplate. Also the paint on the engine
mount was in fairly good nick so that was left alone too. The chimney & safety
valve have been borrowed from the M167. Lucky for me the M140 uses the same
chimney as the M167 & M158. In fact the only actual new part is the burner
filler plug. Video here.

The M140 now on a wooden base & with her own chimney. Many thanks to
Odilon Marcenaro and his friend Steve for the excellent tutorial on how to make
a Bowman chimney. Hope i've managed to do it justice!

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