Bowman M122

The Big Bowman Twin! Although this has been migrated to a much larger brass & wooden base what we have here
is most of a Bowman M122 Twin. Missing are the burner, reduction gears and shaft, drip feed oiler taps, baseplate
and chimney cowl. The scratch built base is rather fine though so i will have to use that for another engine. Using
reduction from the M158 and a burner from the Luton Bowman PW203 here is the video!

This picture shows a dry run fit to the new baseplate, before cleaning and painting. At the moment i don't have
anything like the right burner so it's shown without one. Many thanks to Odilon Marcenaro for the dimensions of
the baseplate.

A few pictures of the engine frame after cleaning, first 2 without the cylinder covers, second 2 with.

Still missing a burner but otherwise complete. I've cheated a little as the reduction gears are on loan from the M158.

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