Airosol Model 301

A purchase from ebay USA, this is a Airosol Model 301 model steam engine. Until i saw this on ebay i had
never heard of this make or even seen a picture of one of these engines. Made by AIROSOL INC of
Neodesha Kansas sometime in the 1950s. I believe that the company made aerosol cans and the boiler is
made from one. That's about all i know. It needs a good clean and the safety valve and heater cable need attention.

Video here.

Well the good news is that the heater is intact and reading the correct resistance.

The bad news is that the base of the boiler has rusted through and is leaking, so that will have to be replaced.

Very definitely not the most elegant solder job ever! It is however functional and watertight.

I managed to clean the boiler up a little so here it is after it's first successful steam.

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