Bowman 234 Locomotive

Finally!!! I've been after a Bowman 234 Locomotive since i started collecting steam engines. Couldn't believe
it when this one came up on ebay and with it's tender. The Bowman 234 was Bowman's first steam locomotive
and made it's debut at the British Industries Fair, in March 1928. The fact that this one has flat con rods rather
than the later fluted type puts it's age between 1928 and 1930. The burner only has 4 wicks which means the
tube has probably been replaced at some time as i believe it should have 6 wicks. Also it appears to have the wrong
safety valve. Other than that it's complete and the wheels, boiler and pipes all seem to be in good condition.

Here it is after the paint stripper and dremel have done their thing, all ready for priming.

For anyone who was curious about just what's inside a Bowman 234 burner reservoir see below.

First pictures after restoration. I decided not to paint the boiler as it would have had to have been high temperature
paint and there are not many colours to choose from. The only part that still needs some work is the level plug.
The original was soldered into place as the boiler insert or thread is completely gone. As a temporary measure the hole
has been threaded to 2BA. Thanks to Chris at Toy Train Spares, the burner now sports the correct vented filler plug
and the loco has two good buffers. I also decided to leave the original paint on the cab end of he boiler so you can
see what the colour was. The tender at this time is untouched, i have been unable to find suitable transfers to replace
the LMS logo and pinstriping so i'm not sure what to do with it. A very short video of it under steam on track for
the first time here.

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